Is it really still February?

20 Feb
Classes have started back again in the Titan Garden and as I look around I have to wonder, is it really still February?  We just did a lesson with the kids on dormancy and as I look around, I see signs of plants breaking their dormancy all over.  The flame acanthus has tiny green buds on it, the batface cuphea is sprouting shoots from the base and the salvia are already thickening in the middle, crying out to be pruned around the woodier taller stems so they can be soft and fluffy.  
And then I looked across our wildflower field, where the kids did their seed dances last fall as we played the dance music loud for them.  Cups and cups and cups of sand and seed mixture were spread across this area.  I think the kids expected them to sprout right then and there- so we had to talk more about how some things take time but they would show themselves after a winter of settling in. 

 But now I see them , poking up and showing their colors.  Indian blanket, bluebonnets, mexican hat, primrose and more.  Sure, these are the early ones, over achievers in our wildflower field that are showing themselves in February.  And the kids are noticing them as well, telling me they see something different when they do their observation, asking what these flowers are that have suddenly shown themselves.  So we start talking about the names and colors, how to recognize that a bluebonnet has been pollinated, and reminding them how they all got here. 

It is wonderful to think that the students themselves brought these beautiful flowers to our school, with their jumping and dancing and laughing as they spread the seeds out.  The field which will be enjoyed by anyone who drives or walks by our garden for the next few months,  The kids will run through it during their garden classes, seeing bees and butterflies having just as good a time.  We will talk about native species, pollination, drought tolerance and more. 

The kids have grown their own garden lesson which will bring us joy as well as education for months.  And then we will watch as the flowers turn to seedheads and we will have yet another lesson placed in front of us about the cycle of life and how that tiny flower produces more seeds so we can have yet another season of wildflowers next year. 


One Response to “Is it really still February?”

  1. Chris February 20, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

    So grateful to have been at the Titan Gardens last week to see the first Bluebonnet!

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