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Friday in the Garden 03.08.2013

8 Mar

It was really cold and kind of misty, but when we got to the garden we didnt care about the weather.

First we listened to Ms. Bonnie tell us we would be planting summer seeds. She told us we would be removing the winter plants because the winter plants wont be good in the summer.
Next we picked up shovels and pulled out the winter plants. After that we put coffee grounds and compost in the soil and mixed it with our shovels like mixing cake batter.

Then we got into small groups. Some of us planted plants that somebody had already started for us. Another group of us planted seeds. You have to make a mound of dirt and poke 3 holes about an inch long. After we poked the holes we put in our squash seeds and covered them with dirt.

Last, we put up our shovels and Ms. Bonnie showed us where pumpkin seeds had started growing.

Were excited to see our plants grow. Even though the weather was gloomy we still had fun at garden.