26 Apr

WOW (Lily)! We just studied cardinal directions yesterday and BOOM, right when we went outside we saw a compass rose on the path in the herb wheel (Will)! 
On the path the directions marked were northwest, southwest, northeast, and southeast (Bhavya). An Eagle Scout carved the compass and it was so cool seeing it on the path and there are so many other things we saw (Price, Kayla). The Eagle Scout also carved us an ABC path in the native garden (Herath). Some of us followed the path in alphabetical order (Sierra). 
We saw Monarch caterpillars and we hope to see them when they turn into butterflies (Abby). 
Pumpkins are sprouting from the ground (Max). They came from seeds from an old pumpkin we buried last year (Kara). The weather was nice but it was so foggy, we thought our eyes were blurry (Nathan). 

Today our assignment was to find different plant parts and rename them according to what their job is for the plant. We renamed roots to Sucker-Ground-Grabbers (Bridget). 
Stems were renamed to Cylinder Suckers (Vilina). Pretty Pollen Producers was the new name for flowers (Elliot) and finally leaves were renamed to Sun Grabbers. 
It was fun looking closely at the plant parts in our groups because we could compare them. For example some of the leaves were bumpy, some were soft and smooth, and some were poky and pointy (Kara, Vilina). 

We learned that every plant part has a job that makes the plant live just like us!  


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