Nature connections

3 May

As we get toward the end of our school year and our garden classes, we are bringing a lot of environmental concepts together with our student gardeners. What do the following have in common?

Our students are learning this week that they are all members of the same food chain. And they are also learning that the numbers of each of these animals that exist in nature is critical to the food chain not collapsing.

But why do we care about a food chain that doesn’t involve us? Because every action that we take in nature, good and bad, can have consequences on animals that we have never even seen. And in the same way, actions taken on the other side of the world can have consequences on our very own food chain.

Our Titan Gardeners have been amazing this year and we are so proud of them for approaching each topic we discuss with such good thoughts. And we hope that our discussion of food chains encourages them to think beyond themselves when they take actions big and small that might affect other living things .


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