Friday in the Garden 05.17.2013

17 May
Did you know it was our last day in the garden (Kate)? First we started our observations like usual (Kara & Lily). One thing we noticed was our tree that we voted on is growing leaves (Sierra). Another new observation was the pumpkins we buried now have new pumpkins (Bhavya). We also saw a tree that didn’t have any leaves and it looked like it was dying. The most exciting change we saw was a GIANT zucchini (Abby)! It came from the seeds we planted (Herath)! Wow! It was so big (Price)! 

After that we made a nature web by answering questions about nature and holding a part of string if we got the question right (Rex). The nature web stands for interdependence (Kayla). 

After that our teacher got to harvest the humongous zucchini (Vilina). 

Ms. Bonnie cut it up and we got to eat a piece with yummy pesto (Max). It tasted AMAZING (Courtney)!

 Good bye, Garden! We’ll see you next year (Caroline)

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