Titan Garden prepares for winter!

27 Oct

 This week was a big planting week in the Titan Garden.  Our students came out for our annual Wildflower Stomp and we planted our cool season vegetable garden.The wildflower stomp is always fun with students learning about how we need seeds to have good contact with the dirt and they work on perfecting their stomping technique.  We have some who try for brute force just stomping as hard as they can and others who try to put a little style into it with twisting or dancing.  Whatever they do, it works as we have beautiful wildflowers come April. 

Titan Wildflower Field April 2013

  Switching over from warm season to cool season in the vegetable garden is tough.  Many of our warm season crops can grow until the frost, but we need to remove them to put in our cool season crops, so we harvest all we can and then make the tough call.  It’s time.  Luckily, we have some hard working Titans to help us clear everything out.  Working together, they removed tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, and green beans.  They dug in compost and aerated the soil to make sure it would be in great shape for seeds.  Each class had to pay attention to seed depth to make sure our seeds would have the right conditions. 

4th grade preparing to plant radish seeds

This is what we planted:
Carrots- a trio  of colors- white, orange and purple
Beets-red, gold and candystripe
Lettuce-Salad bowl and black-seeded simpson
Snow Peas-Oregon giant
Kale-two varieties Lacinato and a red-tipped variety
Cabbage-green and purple
Broccoli-two varieties
Cauliflower- Graffitti (purple) and Orange Burst (orange) and Veronica (chartreuse)
Turnips-Golden Globe
Chard -Bright Lights with multi-colored stems
Radish- Easter Egg mix of red, white, rose and plum colored radishes

1st grade planting lettuce seeds

 The students heard about harvest times, seed depth, specific vegetable varieties, and soil preparation.  They did a great job at working together, respecting nature, and making sure our vegetable garden has a great start to the cool season.  Thanks to all of the teachers who brought their students out for both events!

Kindergarten showing teamwork


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