Garden Friday Fun!

1 Nov

We are so excited we get to visit and learn lessons from Mrs. Bonnie in the Garden! Today we observed and used our background knowledge to make predictions. First, we got to check out the garden and notice “with our eyes and ears” anything new we found. 
Look what we found: 

It’s a caterpillar! Mrs. Bonnie said they love to eat garden food.

We also looked at the gourds some of planted in kindergarten: 
“We love being underneath them!” Ashton told us “I even found a spiral vine.” 

Then, we got to watch a demonstration by Mrs. Bonnie and our wonderful Garden Mom’s. They showed and helped explain to us that water can move through and inside (certain) soil particles!
 Take a look: 

Brady made so many predictions and observations with this experiment! He helped us understand that water moves around and through all kinds of rocks and soil. “Even sometimes the sand can absorb it” he says. 

After the amazing experiment, Mrs. Bonnie let us know about a special garden feature that formed! We found a Chrysalis that was empty, “that must mean the butterfly came out already” Brianna informed us. Mrs. Bonnie told us that this morning, she saw the butterfly inside of it. WOW, this is so awesome to see in person. 

We can’t wait to go back out and learn more fun things in the Titan Garden! 
Mrs. Scott’s amazing 1st Graders 


One Response to “Garden Friday Fun!”

  1. Bonnie November 2, 2013 at 2:26 am #

    You guys were amazing in class. Thanks for sharing so much of what you knew during the lesson. Being out in the garden with you is FUN!

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