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Winter kept us busy- but Spring is coming!

21 Feb

It’s been quiet here in the garden as we have had some cold spells that have kept the kids from coming out.  But don’t worry, spring is popping up everywhere and that means IT’S GARDENING TIME!!!!!  In fact, we are kicking things off in March big time!  First Fridays begin March 7 so we will be excited to see our students in the garden again. Wildflower time is right around the corner, and we are watching our sprouts get bigger and bigger, wtching for the first bluebonnet!  And I’ll leave our last big thing coming up as a surprise!  It is AWESOME!!

But we haven’t just been sitting round sipping hot cocoa by a fire- we took the winter to focus on how we can be healthier and make great food choices.  So I’ll leave you with a few images from our Healthy Titans program.