Carrots and turnips and kale, oh my

20 Mar

The Titan Garden is looking beautiful as we wrap up our cool season garden and plant our warm season vegetables.  Right now we are transitioning between the two which means we are clearing patches of veggies as they are ready and then plopping in the next round.

Our carrot patch

A few weeks ago, some of our 5th graders ran a Farmer’s Market at school.  They had prepared by taking a lesson on safe food harvesting and had made signs.  They harvested carrots, beets, turnips, kale, lettuce and herbs.  The carrots were so beautiful.

Two colors of carrots in our harvest

Unfortunately, two days before the farmers market, we had the coldest temps we experienced all year and it decimated many of our crops.  We lost about half the lettuce, a good amount of kale, all the asparagus, chard, broccoli and cauliflower.  But the students were still enthusiastic and we had a great time getting everything ready.

With warmer temps, a few of those crops have rebounded but we are already moving on to warmer season stuff such as tomatoes.  But you can’t help but love asparagus in the spring.


Asparagus showing off

So we are looking forward to our next adventure with the harvests and for now, focusing on getting our cool crops finished and our spring flowers blooming.


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