Ready for a new school year!

23 Aug

The new school year begins on Monday and we are excited to have the Titan Garden looking beautiful.  I was up visiting today and ran into one of our awesome volunteer families who were ending their week of care.  They let mw know that all looked well in the garden and they had been enjoying their steady tomato harvest all week.


We got a chance to look at a bug party happening on the fennel. Ladybugs in all stages of development, mealybug destroyers, aphids.  It was a lot of fun to see.  


To so many of us with home gardens, it is all about keeping things pruned and looking perfect.  But in a school garden, every change in a plant is a learning opportunity.  Bug infestations are fascinating.  Flowers fading and going to seed are a lesson in the cycle of life.  Drought is a chance to learn about how different plants deal with lack of water.  


I know this year in the garden will bring so many moments for the kids to connect with their environment and we re so thankful for our volunteers and teachers that help us make those connections possible. 


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