Beauty in nature

14 Jan

Titan Garden 2014

The annual nature wreath sessions were bigger than ever this year with 23 classes participating.  Over two days, we had students from all grade levels visit the garden and create gorgeous wreaths our of materials from nature.  Some brought contributions from their own gardens, others scoured the cuttings that had been brought by volunteers.  And time after time, we were amazed as each wreath came out incredibly unique and absolutely gorgeous.  Those kids sure know how to decorate.  We loved watching the kindergarteners who decorate without any sense of holding back.  If it is within eyesight, it is going to get added to their wreath.  And then the 5th graders.  Sure they act cool at first, but then they get their decorating hats on and it is suddenly like we have 25 Martha Stewart’s trying to run the show.  One of my favorite moments was when the 5th graders whipped out their phones to Instagram their creation.


Thank you to all of the teachers and volunteers who made the annual event possible and successful.  We look forward to even more classes next year…but we may have to get a longer fence to showcase them all!


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