Time for Saladbration!

6 Mar

They work hard to plant all the cool season vegetables in October.

They come out with their class to water and see how the plants are growing.

They constantly ask me “How’s the garden looking?” when they see me in the halls.

Finally, around February each year, our cool season vegetables go crazy.  And then we know it is time for Saladbration!

This year, 5th grade students were responsible for harvesting.  They first learned about harvesting safety- the dos and don’ts.  They they came out and harvested enough for the entire school- 800 students- to enjoy salad. They take their job very seriously. IMG_3755IMG_3754IMG_3759

The harvest included radish, carrots, kale, chard, lettuce, snow peas, beets, cauliflower, and daikon radish.  Delish!  The harvesters got to have a little snacking time at the end as a reward.  They even got to try some things for the very first time.


The next day, every grade level  was greeted in the cafeteria with the option to have a salad sample with their lunch.  We had tons of enthusiasm from all grades and the kids had fun guessing all of the vegetables that were included in the salad.


They love knowing that it came straight from he Titan Garden where so many classes visit every month and learn and help take care of the plants.


Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and our 5th grade harvesters and teachers and our fabulous cafeteria staff.






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