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Our RPE Garden Community

15 Sep

A new school year always seems to bring some nostalgia with it.  We find old pictures of the first day of school and marvel at how much our children have grown.  We take a new measurement of their height on the wall in our house.  New school years do that for us in the Titan Garden as well.  We joyously realize how much our little garden has grown and how much it is a part of our school.  We reconnect with teachers to schedule time for their classes to come out.  We think back to when our plants were just itty bitty and struggling to survive.

In case you were not there the amazing build day when our garden became what it is today, check out this video:

Our garden is such a community effort and we are so thankful for the number of parents, community member and volunteers who have been such a big part of it over the years.  And we hope that we will continue to have this wonderful involvement as the years move on and we need new people to help us out.

If you want to help keep this special part of our school community going, let us know.  We love new gardeners and we love new non-gardeners.  We promise you lots of learning about gardens, fun conversations on our work days and lots of smiles as you see our students experience the Titan Garden.